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In the summer of 1967 our father came home from work one day towing a pop-up camping trailer he had just purchased. We took our first camping trip that same weekend and were left with a few lasting memories — bad weather, bad water, and lots of mosquitos. Over the years we found nicer campgrounds, came better prepared, and most importantly, we learned what camping was all about — spending time in the great outdoors with people you care about.

No matter where we camped, we always looked forward to a campfire at the end of the day. The family would sit around talking about that days activities while roasting hot dogs and making S’mores. But campfires got a lot better when we were introduced to the Pizza Mountain Pie — a grilled pocket sandwich made of buttered bread, pizza sauce, melted cheese and pepperoni — all together in a set of Pie Irons and grilled over the fire. Unfortunately, the only time we could enjoy a Mountain Pie was when we were camping.

Nearly 4 years ago my brother Dave and I set out to develop a restaurant that would serve Mountain Pies. Our goal was to bring a little bit of camping, indoors. But as they say, life always gets in the way. So after 4 years, a little bit of technology, and countless variations of Mountain Pies, we’re here with our first store.

We thank you for visiting Great Bear Mountain Pie and certainly hope you enjoy your experience.

Gary and Dave